Flex 15 Fitness & Nutrition

Our studio helps Richmonders reach their fitness goals by creating unique mealplans and nutrition, a one of a kind fitness community and of course workouts created specifically for you. Our studio specializes in a few different training styles from 1 on 1 personal training or small group personal training with up to 4-6 people at a time, and group classes like these here. For 10 years our certified personal trainers have led Richmond in unique class formats like strength training, agility, plyometrics, functional fitness and boxing. Our personal trainers guide you and recommend specific classes based on your needs, or completely tailor our 1 on 1 sessions specifically for your goals. Our goal is to create a fun community dedicated to hitting and maintaining our fitness goals all while dealing with the crazyness that is life! Not only are you supported by your trainers and the community, but we have a proven system that will actually work! There’s nothing standing in your way of becoming a better you with our free 1 on 1 personal training and nutrition consultation, so join now!

Our History

Flex 15 (formerly known as Styles Group Fitness) has been serving Richmond, Virginia women since 2009. Locally owned and operated, our personal training studio has a variety of individual and small group workout programs suited to every fitness level and schedule. Our studio rose to prominence including 3 straight top 3 Richmond Fitness awards. In March of 2019, I purchased the Styles Group Fitness from my sister and I made several key changes like improving our workout, rebranding and creating a community. We’re excited to be in the next chapter of our personal training studio and are so glad you’re here too!

Convenient Location in the West End of Richmond, VA

Centrally located near Bon Secours St. Mary’s hospital, we are convenient to the whole Richmond metropolitan area. For your convenience, we have classes scheduled from early morning starting at 5AM to evening up to 9PM.

Full location for directions is 5600 Patterson Avenue, Suite D/E, Richmond, VA 23226. If you need directions, simply click here to start.

Our Future Plans

For a long time, our studio has been women only, but this is something that will change. For ethical reasons, we cannot prefer a gender over another, just like with hiring or anything else. Our studio has made 1 on 1 classes for men and women, but we are still doing small groups as women only. Once we have enough support we will change the small group personal training classes to coed. We will always make sure the space is certainly feminine and more importantly safe and judgement free.

Inclusive and Welcoming Fitness Community

We think of one another as our fitness family, and you will find that our studio is inclusive, warm, and welcoming to all ages, sizes, abilities, and backgrounds.  We want to you to count us not only as a place to get a fantastic workout in, but as a place to meet old friends and make new ones. We always have a social event in the works…anything from having a beer to a nutritional workshop. There’s also a workout party that you can find here every Tuesday and Thursday at 7PM! Best part is its completely free, so book now and meet your new friends!

Call or email me, Alex Martin (owner), if you have any questions or concerns at (804) 347-0658.  Alex@Flex15.com. More contact information including our head trainer and individual trainers can be found here.





“I used to play volleyball, basketball, and softball in high school. It is hard to transition to being a former athlete to sitting at a desk all day. I love the Flex 15 workouts because they bring the former athlete out in me. Every day is different so I never get bored. The workouts also bring out my former competitive side that allows me to push myself to get faster and stronger.”

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